To support and promote all things Local in each Shire Region, by bringing together the local Not- for- profits, Businesses and Community in one place.

(To ‘Find’ community once again)


To develop for each region:

  • An online Newspaper
  • Create networking opportunities
  • Help Businesses build their brand
  • Most importantly, to support our local Not –For-Profits


  • To create a space and team of connection and support.
  • Bringing a sense of heart, fun, curiosity and passion to the community
  • A place to bring ideas, a desire to grow and add value.
  • A space to share who you are professionally and your business.
  • A willingness and an open heart to add value to others’ vision.
  • A willingness to offer and exchange skill sets.
  • A place to be innovative with ideas for the benefit of the community and greater good.


  • Family culture                       
  • Partnership
  • Confidentiality and trust
  • Integrity                                                                     
  • Community
  • Contribution                      
  • Growth                                           
  • Openness
  • Generosity                                                                 
  • Respect                                                                                         
  • Reciprocity
  • Kindness