We have come together to contribute to the local paper and help our local community.
Whilst, this network group is not KPI driven, nor is it about seeking referrals, we acknowledge that referrals are an important part of running any business. We all would like more clients.

My hope is that, as we get to know each other and work towards our common goal of helping the community, we would find opportunities to support each other – those in our network. One way to show our support of one another, to encourage each other, is to refer to each other.

I would like to encourage each member to consider those in our network group and look for opportunities to refer clients where it is possible to do so. We do not want to this to be forced. My hope is that you will want to do this because of the relationships you are developing now and will continue to develop as the years progress.

Let’s be known as a group that supports one another. Let’s show the community that we do care about each other and believe in each other.

When referring a client, please fill in the form below: